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How I Stay Organized: Home Binder

As a stay at home mom (SAHM), I try to stay organized and on top of things. It gives a little sanity to all the day to day crazy!

One thing I do is keep a home binder. 

I use a Happy Planner (I buy mine at Michael’s). For this particular planner, I took out the monthly pages and added in the home extension pack. You can have the standard planner pages and extension packs in one planner, but I prefer having them separate. 

My first section is my to do list.

This is great for daily task lists or shopping lists. I us mine for weekly lists/calls to make. There’s something satisfying about checking things off!

The next section, and my favorite, is the meal planner and grocery list maker.

It makes it so easy to write down needed items as I run out of them oras I think of them. I like meal planning a bit at a time and this makes it really easy and convenient.

The next section is a home cleaning checklist. This isn’t something I have utilized much yet, but it is nice to have everything layed out. 

The final section is for household budgeting. My husband and I are trying to get better with a budget and I think this will come in handy! 

There’s an overview of my home binder and how I use it! I’m still new to the world of planning and organizing, but I’m excited to keep learning and trying new things!