Let’s Talk: Parenting with Depression

My kids are my life. As a stay at home mom with a husband who travels frequently, I often have to be the end all/be all for my boys. My oldest has some developmental delays and requires a LOT of energy. My youngest is a toddler and requires a LOT of energy. There are a lot of days where my tank is on empty. 

After my youngest was born and in the throws of attempting to get a diagnosis for my oldest, the world started looking pretty dark. I am not a person who asks for help, so I powered through. I figured the fog would lift…the thing is, it didn’t. I finally had to admit that something wasn’t right. A quick call to my OB/GYN got me some meds and a suggestion to see a psychologist. I took the meds, but still haven’t seen a psychologist. There just isn’t time. My oldest goes to school half days. I don’t have a sitter for the toddler. Excuses. I know.

Most days, I feel pretty ok. Some days, I’m not sure how I’ll make it. It’s a process. I want to be the best for my kids and husband. They deserve that. 


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