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Let’s Talk: Parenting with Depression

My kids are my life. As a stay at home mom with a husband who travels frequently, I often have to be the end all/be all for my boys. My oldest has some developmental delays and requires a LOT of energy. My youngest is a toddler and requires a LOT of energy. There are a lot of days where my tank is on empty. 

After my youngest was born and in the throws of attempting to get a diagnosis for my oldest, the world started looking pretty dark. I am not a person who asks for help, so I powered through. I figured the fog would lift…the thing is, it didn’t. I finally had to admit that something wasn’t right. A quick call to my OB/GYN got me some meds and a suggestion to see a psychologist. I took the meds, but still haven’t seen a psychologist. There just isn’t time. My oldest goes to school half days. I don’t have a sitter for the toddler. Excuses. I know.

Most days, I feel pretty ok. Some days, I’m not sure how I’ll make it. It’s a process. I want to be the best for my kids and husband. They deserve that. 


14 Days…

After seeing a post on Z’s kindergarten teacher’s Facebook page, I decided to do the 14 days of Valentine’s. Even though my youngest is still a young toddler, he’s loved looking at all the new surprises ok his door every morning! It’s also a nice way to tell Z all those little (and big) things I love about him that I might not say often enough. 

Do you do anything special for your kiddos for Valentine’s? Or do you keep it strictly to your significant other?

What’s Getting Trashed This Week?

Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara: loved what it does can hate that it flakes on me

Tarteist Lash Paint (?) mascara: didn’t do much for me…

Fresh Lip Serum: this is ok, nothing I would spend the money on 

Fresh Seaberry Oil: love this and would definitely repurchase when I use up some things.

Estée Lauder Nutritious Vitality moisturizer: liked this, but doubt I would spend this much on a moisturizer

Philosophy Snow Angel Spray: this is from a year ago…I love the scent, but never used it and it smells off now

Reform High Rise Volume shampoo: this was ok, but I wouldn’t repurchase