Monthly Archives: July 2016

Allow me to introduce myself

I’m not great with introductions (being socially awkward and all), but let me give it a shot.

I’m a wife and stay at home mom to two boys: Z is 5 years and S is 10 months. Z is my wild one: diagnosed with ADHD and the probability of more diagnoses in our future. S is a roly poly, happy baby. G is my husband and partner in crime. He travels frequently for his job and we don’t live close to family, so I have to manage the crazies on my own a lot.
I strive to be organized, but find myself getting behind and letting things pile up. I want to be creative, but get into my own head and doubt my abilities. I feel the pull of a more minimal lifestyle, but love my comfort items as well. Sometimes, I get so caught up in being a mom that I forget I’m an individual. 

This blog is going to be my creative, non-mom indulgence. I hope you’ll join me!